• 11 JAN 2020

    2020 LIVIVA Advisory Group Annual Charity Event






    目前,新山双福仍需要更多资助以做为生活与活动经费。有意捐助#善款 或#回收物 者,请联络新山双福负责人-- 刘琦亮女士 (H/P No.: 016-2102012)。她已在双福服务超过13年,她尽心尽力的付出,务必将善心人士的善款及回收物品妥善安排,让更多院内朋友受惠。

    #为善最乐 #小小举动大大爱心

  • 17 FEB 2019

    2019 Chinese New Year Charity Dinner

    20 Old Folks Home, 300 elderlies! Tonight, we gather at Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru to celebrate Chinese New Year and enjoy our reunion dinner together!
    Thanks to our Top CEO from <Top CEO Strategic Camp> in sponsoring the dinner.

    Happy New Year and stay healthy!

  • 02 MAR 2018

    2018 Chap Goh Mei Charity Event

    People reunion with family during Chap Goh Mei. Meanwhile these elders are not able to enjoy the family happiness. Hence, we hope we can warm their heart by our accompany and love. We wish them stay healthy and positive in this new year!

  • 27 JAN 2018

    2018 Annual Charity Event

    What a wonderful day having fun with children from Ester Home, Joshua Home, 康乐少年关怀中心 and Amitabha Orphanage. We had our lunch together with them.After lunch, we enjoyed a nice movie together which is produced by 星媒体. This is a really meaningful day as we believe that a successful corporate have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.

  • 18 FEB 2017

    Charity Visit to Long Hua Home Johor Bahru (新山隆华老人院)

    Charity event has become a special date on our events calendar each year. This year we decided to support the Long Hua Home Johor Bahru,which provides some canned foods, biscuits, milo, milk powder etc for over 65 old folks at the home who suffering from loneliness and social isolation.
    The event was a great success as the old folks were cheered up by the visit and appreciated the goodies that were distributed. We were also glad to be part of such an meaningful event.

  • 14 MAY 2016

    Charity Visit to Shan De Orphan Centre (善德儿童福利之家)

    On the same day, LIVIVA also visited Shan De Orphan Centre (善德儿童福利之家). We brought along some necessities and presents for the children. We spent some time with the little children such as played games with them and helped them to whiten their school shoes together. We had a wonderful time together and the children enjoyed themselves very well. Overall, it's a meaningful day to us.

  • 14 MAY 2016

    Charity Visit to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Insan Istimewa Johor Bahru (新山关爱儿童残障福利中心)

    It's LIVIVA's annual charity event! This year, we had visited to two charity organizations. The first place we went is Pertubuhan Kebajikan Insan Istimewa Johor Bahru (新山关爱儿童残障福利中心). We had donated some necessities such as diapers, toothpaste, biscuits, cooking oils, rice etc to the disable children. Besides, we also prepared some stationery as gifts for them. They cheered happily when they received gift and they seemed to have nice time with us.

  • 03 APR 2015

    Charity Visit to Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari Johor

    LIVIVA Advisory Group had initiated a donation campaign among the staff in the company in order to help this group of vulnerable people. Through this event, we revealed how great impact can be made on others’ lives, through our simple actions, makes the work worthwhile. Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. Please do not hesitate extending a help to those who needed it.

  • 26 JAN 2014

    Charity Visit to Dual Blessing Johor Bahru (双福残障自强发展协会)

    Another charity visit was being organized by LIVIVA Advisory Group on 26th Jan 2014, which took place in Dual Blessing Johor Bahru. To make sure this group of disable people to be living under a better environment, we have donated numbers of furniture as well as other necessities. Along with that, a series of activities such as singing, dancing and sharing were conducted during the visit.

  • 24 JAN 2013

    Charity Visit to Long Hua Home Johor Bahru (新山隆华老人院)

    LIVIVA Advisory Group visited Long Hua Home on 24 Jan 2013. Through this event, LIVIVA revealed a deeper insight on the importance of reaching out to others in their time of need. As there are millions of people who are still starving, homeless and fighting against illness. Let’s turn our plan into action together, to help as much as people we can.