Golden Eagle Award 2017 SCBEA

7 Strategies of Highly Effective Business Financing Planning


LIVIVA Advisory Group focuses on assisting SMEs to maximize their cash flow and profit within a short period of time. In this turbulent market, SMEs face various types of challenges including dropping in sales, increase in operating cost, difficulty in collection and etc. We will work together with SMEs to overcome all these challenges by leveraging on “7 Strategies of Highly Effective Business Financing Planning”.

  • Cash Flow Maximization
    • In order to ensure your business to have a healthy cash flow status, you have to identify sufficient working capital for your business and be clear with whether your creditor payment period, debtor collection period and stock turnaround is on average compare to market. Furthermore, there must be a 4-6 months reserved funds in your company for contingency. Misused of existing funding and loan structure must be avoided.
    • 企业生存或阵亡有赖于企业的充足的现金流。足够的储备金,有效的供应商和客户帐期管理,才是让企业永续经营下去的最佳方案。
  • Effective Cost Management
    • To manage operating costs effectively, you must be able to fully understand the details Financial Statement of your company especially gross profit margin, net profit margin and auditors’ opinion. Furthermore, you must also identify business surviving price and cost compare to your competitors in order to increase your competitiveness in the market.
    • 企业营运支出超出收入,导致收支不平衡,会导致企业面临倒闭,也无法永续经营下去。因此最低成本经营模式才是上策。
  • Business Credit Enhancement
    • If there is any adverse remark or record on the company as a whole or director individually, SMEs will not be able to access to financing from Financial Institutions & Development Financial Institutions. Therefore, you have to maintain good records and great scoring all the time. Business credit pre-assessment must be conducted on a regular basic to enhance creditworthiness and reputation.
    • 企业过去拥有不良的信贷记录,会导致商务伙伴,投资者或借贷单位投不信任票。因此,企业首先必须先了解本身的信贷记录状况,并针对性的一一提升不理想的部分,才能提升信誉,挽回信心。
  • Business Modernization and Globalization
    • Align with the global and digital market trend, business must be able to leverage on technologies & machineries in order to reduce dependence on labour force. Modernization enables you to get ready for global market demands & competitors. SMEs are now able to globalize your business through online portal & virtual payment and connect your business to the global market by B2B, B2C or O2O.
    • 企业要保持在市场具有竞争力,就必须与时并进,跟上潮流。因此企业应善用于现今高科技和数码化科技,比如全自动化,电子商务,互联网等等,来提高企业的生产率,增加销售量和提升运作系统。企业才不会面临被市场淘汰的局面。
  • Leveraging on Governmental Schemes
    • In order to reduce financing cost, SMEs must be able to leverage on existing governmental schemes, especially Funds for Small & Medium Enterprise offered by Bank Negara Malaysia and Working Capital Guarantee Schemes offered by Ministry of Finance. SMEs are advisable to leverage on tax incentives and pioneer status rather than tax evasion.
    • 企业应借力于政府资助融资配套如国家银行低利息配套,财政部担保计划,利息回扣,奖掖,税务津贴等等,以最低融资成本获得充足的资金作为发展用途。
  • Business Estate Ownership
    • Why still renting your business/factory if you can own it? Owning a business premise can enhance your corporate identity and gain trust from your clients. Business can also avoid the risk of rental increment and chased by landlord meanwhile enjoy the potential property value growth.
    • “难道一辈子都要租吗?”企业如果本身可以拥有房产,除了避免租金上涨带来的不必要开销,对企业也是一种肯定和认同。而且也更加容易赢得商务伙伴或投资者的信任和信心。
  • Multiply Property Value
    • SMEs must leverage on latest Open Market Value of your current property as this can help to enhance your existing cash flow position and existing Shareholders Fund.
    • 对于已经拥有自己产业的企业,目前产业的实体价值,再借力于国家银行低利息配套和财政部担保计划,其产业借贷价值高达200%。